Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Rant 101: It Starts Young

If you are a parent, and you're not respectable, why on earth should your children respect you? Because you coupled with someone and created another human being? If you are a giant piece of shit whose claim to fame is banging more dope in a 24-hour period than all your frenemies, you have no fucking right to be up in arms when your young teenager, who's seen IT ALL in their young life, clocks you in the face and tells you they'll kill you if you ever touch them again. When that kid has seen you beat up their mom/their siblings all their life; when they know what it feels like to have bruises and emotional scars for having the nerve to be in their house; when you have never given them a second of honest affection - how can you demand they love and trust you, and above all, MIND YOU.

How can a kid respect such a stupid person? A person who didn't plan to have a family, but, whoops - the babies just happened. Or, my life sucks, so let's bring a child into this situation. A person who demands you respect them because THEY MADE YOU, you wouldn't be here because of them, in this fine, lovely, warm-and-fucking-fuzzy life they've given you. When a good night in the house is the only night both of the parents are gone - maybe with their very-important-friends, but you are not allowed to have friends because YOU ARE A CHILD. I CAN HAVE THESE FRIENDS BECAUSE I MADE YOU. I can have friends who leer at you, I can have friends with obscene criminal backgrounds, I can have friends who are STUPIDLIKEME because my child/ren don't have the right to care who I surround myself/them with. You have to feed yourself (I bought the fucking food, can't you cook it?), clothe yourself (if you don't like your 3 sizes too small clothes, fuck you!) and survive without any real humanity. And to top the shit off, YOU HAVE TO LIVE WITH ME. What a revelation.

I see this theme so often, and it hits close to home. My parents didn't bang dope, but they are/were stupid, stupid people, and I feel lots of empathy for these kids who are just trying to grow up so they can get the hell out. If their parents weren't narcissists to begin with, their addictions made them so. I'm a little tired of people using their, "I'm sick. It's a sickness." It might be a sickness, and it's not a fucking excuse.

That goes for your straight narcissists, too. No excuse.

Quit making babies you can't give love to. Just quit. You can't raise them, and you don't have any right to tell them how to raise themselves if you can't even wipe your own ass without a map.