Tuesday, March 5, 2013

With Friends Like These...

Hmm. Just got a text message from someone who was a close friend of mine quite a few years ago. She wanted my husband's cell number because she has a question for him.

It's true she was friends with the hubby before I ever knew her. But they haven't been close friends longer than I haven't been close to her.

There are no trust issues for me regarding my husband, so I told him she was asking for his number and asked him if he wanted me to give it to her. He made a snorty noise and sighed, then said he could imagine what she wants.

See, a good pal of hubby's recently (like in the last couple of weeks) just broke up with his girlfriend of more than five years. Part of why I am not close to this friend anymore is that she had expressed a desire to interfere with hubby's friend's relationship, and I liked and respected his girlfriend at that point more than I liked and respected my former friend. Hubby figures this woman heard about the breaking-up and wants to step in and "comfort" his friend.

Niiice. And I can't imagine texting a friend, close or former, and just asking for her husband's phone number. This kind of hot mess used to be my best pal. But, I hadn't got the memo on narcissism then, either.