Thursday, May 31, 2012

Enable...Create an Asshole Today!!!

Sure, some people are assholes without being enabled. These are your "natural-born" assholes and come by it honestly. But there are lots of perfectly good people born out there every day who are allowed to turn into jerkwads by the people surrounding them. If your kid steals shit and you scream at the cops when they bring your kid in with proof he's guilty, you are telling your kid that it's ok to be a shitbag, as long as you don't get caught by people who can punish them.

My father was one of those natural-borns that married an enabler and got worse. If your spouse cheats on you and you tell them you're going to leave them, then let them give you puppy-dog eyes and talk you into making them dinner and rubbing their feet, you are telling them it's really ok to fuck you over, because you're still going to do all the things they want you to. If your drama-queen mama has a shit-fit until you do the holidays her way, and then you do the holidays her way, you are rewarding her for infantile behavior. And if your kids watch you enable other people, they will probably grow up to enable someone else. You are telling them it's ok to let people walk on you IF YOU LOVE THEM.

The truth is, when you love someone, it's ok to not cave at their ridiculousness that hurts you. If you're a parent, you're doing your child a disservice by enabling them right into a drug- and crime-riddled life wherein they live in your basement when they're not in jail and you hide their weed and stolen goods in your garage so the cops won't take your baby to jail.

Pull your heads out, folks. Most people who act like assholes do it because they are allowed to.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Friggin' Dumbasses

So there's a puke/pukes that run around this little town lately, and they apparently have formed a fabulous street gang called the "Hobos." That'd be sort of exciting in a gangland kind of way except there's no badass to this thing. Puke(s) just sneak around town after dark tagging personal property with the word "Hobo." Also, they throw slushies at cars and take anything that's easy for them to carry or ride. Man, that's annoying. Why can't you be the cool sort of gang that does good shit, like Robin Hood and his tights bros, or Batman and Robin? Why do bad stuff when you're bored. Do good stuff instead. See how easy I've made it? I've got it all figured out, Ho-bro. So quit being dicks. Has anyone told you about Karma? Some day maybe you'll pull your heads out of your asses far enough to actually have something that you worked for and sorta like...and some douchey boy-band with a chip on its shoulder will throw beer cans at your humble abode and steal your fabulous Dollar Store lawn ornament and smash it, along with your heart, against your '88 Cutlass Ciera. You'll see.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Anyone had any positive health experiences from taking organic apple cider vinegar or organic blackstrap molasses? Just started taking this stuff, primarily because I'd read a little about it on while I was searching for stuff to make it possible to get through "that time of the month" without taking the frickin' pill. So far, I'm digging on how I feel, and I've only been taking both for less than a week. I'm taking the molasses in a tablespoon plain (which I can tolerate), and I'm taking the ACV twice a day, a teaspoon at a time, in a glass of cold iced tea, which I'm acclimating to.

Maiden Journey

Welcome to my foray into this venue. This blog is not necessarily meant for pleasantries; on the contrary, its main purpose is to blow off steam, and maybe, in the process, give comfort to others that they aren't alone on this wacky-ass journey. Crazy narcissistic parents? Got one/had one. Job where you have to laugh or go crazy? Si, senor. I want to SHARE to make the madness more tolerable. This being said, this is my blog. So, while I encourage y'all to share if it makes you feel better, keep this in mind: if you don't like what you see here, go somewhere else. If you bring me or others down by being an asshole, take it elsewhere. I delete. Enjoy!