Friday, May 6, 2016

Bullies and Bitches

My eldest son is about to quit his job because of merciless bullying.

Lest ye think he is a "pussy" or a "whiner", I'm frankly proud of him.

He's been working 48 hour weeks for five months at a regular factory job surrounded by "regular" people, a few of whom apparently believe autism spectrum is on par with stupidity.

He is also not a "baby" or "tattletale" since he refuses to let HR intervene, even though they are aware of the issue. He won't tell me the name of this person because he has that many scruples (a few more than myself, I might add), I suppose because he worries that I'll come uncorked. He's just been pushed too far one time too many by a small-minded fuck wit for whom I can only hope that karma has a big, juicy, rotten can of shit in store.

If I ever find out who it is, I'm not above asking people I know in law enforcement if they'll keep an extra-special eye out for the twat, and my son is so good, he wouldn't want me to do that.

Come on, karma.